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  • Genna Marie Davis

How to Save Money on Costa Rica's Mandatory COVID-19 Health & Travel Insurance

Traveling to Costa Rica During COVID-19
Traveling to Costa Rica During COVID-19

TLDR: Since originally writing this blog post, I found a super streamlined article online with a direct link to a health insurance option people have reported great success with! Here you go.

This third party insurance tends to be much less expensive than the "pre-approved" kind recommended by the Costa Rica tourism board. For example, my 70 year old mother-in-law was quoted $150 for her 7 day trip to visit. Trawick quoted $45 total.

FYI I'm not affiliated in any way with Trawick. It's just the one I see people online having success with. I can't guarantee it will work, but I plan to use it myself and I've had many friends and clients have success with it!



From August to November 1 of 2020, Costa Rica’s entry requirements were pretty confusing – thankfully, things have become much simpler now to travel to Costa Rica during COVID-19. The government has opened the country and ELIMINATED the requirement to present a negative COVID-19 test before entry.

As of now, all you need to enter the country (beyond the usual valid passport and return ticket to your country of origin) is 1) to fill out their health pass 48 hours before departure and 2) provide proof of travel insurance in case you develop COVID-19 symptoms during your stay.

Here’s how to save money on Costa Rica’s mandatory health insurance:

You have a couple of options for this insurance. Let’s call them 1) pre-approved options and 2) choose-your-own-adventure options.

Pre Approved Insurance Options:

These tend to be on the expensive side. Word on the street is that SAGICOR is cheaper for shorter trips, while INS is less expensive for longer trips. Both are pre-approved by the Costa Rican government, so when you fill out your health form you just put in the number and you’re good to go. My parents (who are in their mid-60s) just visited and purchased SAGICOR, which cost about $140 per person for 13 days (or $11 per person per day).

Choose-your-own-adventure insurance options:

It’s definitely more cost effective to go this route. The choose-your-own-adventure option is much more affordable and only slightly less convenient because you’ll have to send proof of your travel insurance when you fill out the health form. Also, you’ll probably exchange an email or two with the Costa Rican tourism board once you submit your online health pass (in the 48 hours before your flight they will reach out to you if they need more info about your policy).

As of Nov 10, according to the Costa Rican tourism board, the insurance must:

  1. Be valid for your visit in Costa Rica.

  2. Guarantee coverage for medical expenses in cases of pandemic disease COVID-19 for at least US $50,000

  3. Provide a minimum coverage of US $2,000 for hotel/lodging expenses due to “pandemic illness or trip interruption/cancellation due to illness.”

People have been having luck with Trawick International, which has a policy called SAFE TRAVELS VOYAGER that is specific to Costa Rica and you can purchase ONLY the COVID/hotel insurance with it. They offer a few different kinds, but you want the Safe Travels Voyager kind. For trip cost, put $0.

I was quoted $19 for a 1-week trip using this option.

If the tourism board needs more info, or if the policy is not accepted, they’ll email you right away so you’ll have plenty of time to clear things up.

Can I use my regular, year-round insurance policy?

Maybe. If your policy covers you when you're traveling out of the country, try it! It will probably cover you for the medical part of the requirement. However, most plans won't cover the $2000 hotel requirement in case of "trip interruption" due to illness. That's the part you might have to purchase the travel insurance for!

You can save a lot of money this way!

This is a great money saving trick for families coming on vacation in Costa Rica. For example, a family of 4 that I know was recently quoted $700 for a two-week trip by one of the pre-approved Costa Rican insurance company. If he purchases third party insurance, at only $30 per person he’ll only pay $120.

Best of luck, and enjoy your family vacation to Costa Rica!


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