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We are so happy with our photos! They turned out better than we could ever have imagined 

– Kara Mills

Maternity & Newborn Photos

With so many diverse locations within a small space, Tamarindo is the perfect spot for maternity photos. You can go from picturesque beach to lush tropical gardens in a snap; from gorgeous cliffside views of Tamarindo Bay to green reeds or rocky shoreline in a quick car ride. All within 15 minutes of each other.

Costa Rica Pregnancy Photography-1991
Costa Rica Pregnancy Photography-2079
03 Costa Rica Pregnancy Photography-2108
07 Costa Rica Pregnancy Photography-2932
05 Costa Rica Pregnancy Photography-2011
04 Costa Rica Pregnancy Photography-3021
Costa Rica Pregnancy Photography-2984
Costa Rica Pregnancy Photography-2934
Costa Rica Pregnancy Photography-2868
Costa Rica Pregnancy Photography-2103
Costa Rica Pregnancy Photography-1832
01 Costa Rica Pregnancy Photography-1977
02 Costa Rica Pregnancy Photography-1820
Costa Rica newborn photographer

Baby Vinny's photo session started out at his house before moving on to the beach.

Costa Rica Maternity Pregnancy Photos-32
Costa Rica Maternity Pregnancy Photos-
Costa Rica Maternity Pregnancy Photos-27
Costa Rica Maternity Pregnancy Photos-61
Costa Rica Maternity Pregnancy Photos-33
Costa Rica Maternity Pregnancy Photos--2
Costa Rica Maternity Pregnancy Photos-51
Costa Rica Maternity Pregnancy Photos-49
Costa Rica Maternity Pregnancy Photos-49
Costa Rica Maternity Pregnancy Photos-76
Costa Rica Maternity Pregnancy Photos-78
Costa Rica Maternity Pregnancy Photos-74
Costa Rica Maternity Pregnancy Photos-78
Costa Rica Maternity Pregnancy Photos-78
Costa Rica Maternity Pregnancy Photos-80
Costa Rica Pregnancy Photos Maternity Photographer

This is Kelly and Hans' first baby. Their daughter isn't even born yet and their dog, Maya, is already extremely jealous!

Tamarindo pregnancy photographer

Tamarindo's diverse locations, all within a short distance from one another, make this the perfect place for maternity photos.

Costa Rica sunset pregnancy photos

Maternity photos in Tamarindo. Baby bump at the beach!

Maternity photographer Costa Rica

Sunset pregnancy session in Costa Rica with the whole family. I love this golden light on her skin and baby bump!

Costa Rica Pregnancy Photos Maternity Photographer-12.jpg
Getting pregnancy pics in Costa Rica

I recommend waiting until you are 6-8 months for your pregnancy/maternity session in Costa Rica in order to be showing enough for the photos (but still be fairly comfortable being on your feet and moving around!).

Maternity photos in Tamarindo

Mom and son holding hands at the beach.

Best Costa Rica maternity pictures

Big brother happy to be getting a baby brother or sister.

Best Costa Rica pregnancy pictures

Pregnancy belly silhouette in Costa Rica

Best Costa Rica newborn photographer

Father and newborn son, just 8 days old.

Best Costa Rica newborn photographer

Kissing his little baby feet.

Best Costa Rica newborn photography

Baby's first yawns.

Best Costa Rica newborn photography

Photographing newborn details, like hands and feet.

Best Costa Rica newborn photographer
Newborn photography Costa Rica

Silhouette at Playa Penca

Costa Rica beach newborn photography

Breastfeeding at the beach.

Costa Rica newborn photographer

We took baby Rose's first photos when she was fewer than 10 days old at Playa Flamingo.

Costa Rica beach newborn photography

Baby in a basket at the beach! Good props really make or break a newborn photo session.

Costa Rica newborn photos at beach

Big hand, little hand.

Costa Rica newborn beach photos

Baby beach feet!

Costa Rica newborn photo session

This is one of my favorites!

Maternity photos in Costa Rica

The reflective pools during this maternity session in Langosta and Tamarindo were like glass. This is the best spot in Costa Rica for pregnancy pictures!

Pregnancy pictures Tamarindo Langost

Reflective pools at the point between Playa Tamarindo and Playa Langosta. This gorgeous spot is the perfect tropical setting for maternity photos.

Beach pregnancy photos Costa Rica

I love black and white pregnancy photos. They really show off the curves of the belly in a way that color photos can't. Get your maternity photos taken in paradise in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

Maternity photographer in Tamarindo

This pregnancy session was held in both Tamarindo and around the corner in Playa Langosta. The reflections this evening were insane!

Pregnancy Photos Tamarindo

We can start taking pregnancy photos in the studio, and then move onto the beach at sunset.

Tamarindo maternity photos

Indoor and outdoor sessions are available for pregnancy photos.

Best Tamarindo maternity photography

Maternity photos are super special, so I try to make sessions as personal as possible. I meet with you before the session to talk about what styles you like, location options and what to expect during the session.

Best Tamarindo pregnancy photos

It helps to make a Pinterest board with photos that you love, so we can brainstorm and come up with ideas.

Best pregnancy photographer

Tamarindo pregnant belly photos!

untitled shoot-084.jpg
Tamarindo maternity photographer
Maternity portrait photography

Maternity session inside the studio in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

Tamarindo Baby Bump Sunset Photo

Pregnancy sunset silhouette in Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Sunset pregnancy photos Tamarindo

I love the pink light from the sunset and her beautiful hair!

I specialize in Costa Rica pregnancy photos as well as newborn photos. Tamarindo is the perfect place for maternity pictures!

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