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  • Genna Marie Davis

A Costa Rica Holiday Family Reunion Photoshoot

‘Tis the holiday season. The time for family, tradition, and giving. This family photo shoot at Las Catalinas; the housing development in Playa Danta, was particularly special, as it was a thoughtful Christmas present. Hannah and her 6 brothers gave this photo shoot to their mother. What better gift to give than photos capturing their Costa Rican holiday together?!

There’s nothing better than photographing lively families like this. Although all of these “children” were full fledged adults, their sibling dynamic was still alive and well. Between their playful banter and constant laughing, natural smiles and genuine portraits were a dime a dozen. Throw that into the mix with the breathtaking views from Playa Danta, and their mom got a Christmas present to remember forever.

Happy holidays, may you have the merriest of times, no matter what you celebrate.

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