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  • Genna Marie Davis

Unique Things to Do with Kids in Costa Rica

Zipline tours alone just don't cut it anymore. Check out our list of unique things to do with kids in Costa Rica.

Mistico’s zorbing adventure in La Fortuna

Zorbing is the stuff childhood dreams are made of. Take a deep breath, hop into a giant inflatable ball called a zorb and let your inhibitions free as you bounce and roll your way down Mistico’s hillside obstacle course. The zorb is partially filled with water, so you’ll be slipping, sliding and spinning out of control for a thrilling 40 seconds. When you reach the summit of the Arenal volcano where the course ends, your stomach will ache from laughing so hard and you’ll be stumbling back up to the top of the hill for round two!

Get a taste of Costa Rican culture at Fiesta Barva

Planning to be in Costa Rica around August? Don't miss out on Fiesta Barva, hands down the country's most unique celebration. Held in the province of Heredia, you'll stuff your belly with delicious street foods and then join the boisterous parades for non stop music and dancing. Don’t forget your mask and pig bladder- dressing up and hitting your friends are the fiesta's highlights. Participants fill the bladders with air and chase their victims, who are rewarded with a light-hearted (and stinky) slap when caught.

Play with over 900 dogs at Territorio de Zaguates

If your family loves dogs and you’ll be coming through Alajuela on your trip, don’t miss out on Territorio de Zaguates, a no kill sanctuary for stray dogs. On a sprawling piece of private land in the Santa Barbara countryside, hundreds of canines roam free in their very own tropical utopia. They're specially cared for, receiving food and water, medical treatment and most importantly- love. Visitors travel from all over the world to hang out with the pups, which are all up for adoption. Who knows- you might even leave Costa Rica with a new furry family member!

Unique things to do with kids in Costa Rica

Professional family photos under a Tamarindo sunset

These are the moments your family will cherish most, so why not bring some beautiful professional family photos back home as a memorable souvenir? Tamarindo’s laid back beach town vibe provides a relaxed atmosphere to chill out and enjoy time together, with stunning natural backdrops that make for unbelievable pictures. Capture the golden sunset this area is famous for at the Langosta Estuary or gather in the cool sands of Playa Flamingo as playful waves nip at your toes. Tamarindo Family Photos can easily organize the shoot, all you have to do is continue having a blast on your family trip.

Ideas for unique things to do with kids in Costa Rica

Rappel down waterfalls deep in the Costa Rica rain forest

Strap yourself into a harness and hold onto the rope as you work your way over the edge of a gushing waterfall! Mistico Park in La Fortuna offers excellent "canyoneering" tours that cater to both adults and children. You’ll embark upon beautiful jungle trails with experienced guides who will teach you how to rappel like a pro. There’s nothing like being in a waterfall, feeling the power of clean mountain water splashing on your body and face as you’re surrounded by some of the most scenic views Costa Rica has to offer.

Ideas for unique things to do with kids in Costa Rica

Cruise the waterways on a stand up paddleboard (SUP)

Lose yourself in the tranquility of nature, with only a gentle dip of the paddle propelling you lightly over the ocean’s surface. The paddleboard is wide and buoyant, making it a breeze for beginners to navigate through narrow waterways and shallow streams. SUP is an excellent opportunity for spotting marine life underwater, especially during the turtle and whale season. Pura Vida Ride in Las Catalinas can set your family up with gear and also offer lessons and tours to get you out on the water in no time.

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