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  • Genna Marie Davis

A Costa Rica Elopement Story

I emailed Jessie and asked her to help me write a blog post on tips and advice for eloping in Costa Rica. Her response was so well-written that I just decided to repost it here verbatim.

Written by Jessie Warren:

Ike and I are both from the Austin, Texas area, born and raised. I dreamed of a trip to Costa Rica for nearly a decade. Ike being a surfer and an adventurer myself, we knew it would be a perfectly exciting and romantic getaway.

However, the elopement was every bit of the word for us. Ike nonchalantly asked in a sort of “Hey, marry me when we get there?” fashion just a few days before our trip. I really thought he was yanking my chain until it all suddenly got very real; I could just tell by the look in his eyes that he was serious.

We jumped into planning mode; lots of emails. That was the easiest way of communication from the states. Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t a budget breaker! We were so lucky that you [Genna Marie] were so prompt in response time, as well as Eunice from our resort (Hotel Diria).

Between the two of you, this eloping adventure very well may have never happened. What is so serendipitous is that we Googled top-rated photogs in Tamarindo, found Genna with Tamarindo Family Photos and booked a sassy couples shoot to memorialize our fun trip. We had no idea we would get so lucky to have the same photog for our elopement upon Eunice’s recommendation as we finalized our wedding details. It was all so seamless.

Even the day of, it all went down so painlessly and relaxed. I mean, Ike and I were on the beach, sipping margaritas until 2pm, and married by 4:45pm. I did my own hair and make up. We listened to Texas country and sipped wine until the last second, when I walked down the brick aisle with the sound of the crashing waves carrying me right into my best friend’s hands.

It was unlike anything I could’ve dreamed and everything you pray for. After the short ceremony, we just enjoyed the sunset with Genna capturing the purest moment of our lives. Just perfect, nothing I would change. No doubt, we’ll be back for more. To any couples considering a Costa Rican elopement, don’t get bogged down with cheesy details. All you really need is each other and Genna, to capture the bliss. Pura vida lovers, pura vida.

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