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WARNING: This page has a lot of photos on it

Please give it a minute or so to load up. I have a huge portfolio!

Family Photos in Hacienda Pinilla

There are more AMAZING locations for family photos within Hacienda Pinilla than I could possibly count!

Costa Rica Family Photos

We started off taking pictures at the Diria, and then we headed down to the Tamarindo estuary. Awesome family!

Crazy Reflections in Tamarindo!

Family Photos at the Diria, Playa Tamarindo

This was one of the rare photo sessions that I did early in the morning (I usually only take pictures at sunset). The light was amazing and it ended up being one of my favorites! If your kids are happier in the early hours of the day and tired or cranky around sunset, you might consider a morning session rather than waiting until the afternoon. 

The reflections in Tamarindo have been insane lately. Just look at them!

Baby Portraits at Pangas 

I love this adorable 1-year old! We took these baby photos outside of Pangas Restaurant in Tamarindo.

 I've been waiting for perfect reflections in the sand like these for over a year now. Everything came together for this family sunset photo session we did right here in Tamarindo.  Rainy season seems to be officially over, as we've had several amazing sunsets in a row.

Beautiful sunset photos at Tamarindo Beach

Want to see more Costa Rica Family photos?

My portfolio is too large for the internet to handle on one page, so I had to divide it into multiple pages. Click here to see more photography samples from my Costa Rica family photos portfolio. Please be patient, the page takes a minute to load!

Family Photos at the Tamarindo Estuary

The Tamarindo estuary is one of my favorite places for family photos. There are so many different-looking locations within a very short distance that this one place can look like we went to 8 different locations. I loved this family!

Family Photos at the Tamarindo Diria

Jenna contacted me about professional photos for a big family reunion she was having in Tamarindo. The light was AMAZING and everyone in the family was really fun to photograph. Even grandpa, who didn't really want to have his photo taken, got into it and ended up having an amazing time.