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Family Photos at Las Catalinas, Playa Danta

We really lucked out with these family photos in Playa Danta, Costa Rica. It's always iffy trying to book a photo session in Guanacaste in October, because you never know when it might rain. We got rained out in the evening and rescheduled for the morning, which was beautiful!

Best Playa Danta Family Photographer

There are so many amazing places for photos around Playa Danta, it was hard to choose. I love this bridge!

Las Catalinas Local Photographer

This one is my favorite. Three generations of women! Babies, mommy and grandma.

Family Photos at Playa Danta Beach

Playa Danta, Costa Rica is one of my favorite places for family photos.

Playa Danta Photographer

A little girl and her grandpa.

Best Photographer Playa Danta
Family Beach Photos Playa Danta

Running along Playa Danta.

Family Photos in Danta, Costa Rica

Dad and baby.

Family Beach Photos Costa Rica

The houses at Las Catalinas are gorgeous!

Family Photos Las Catalinas, Danta

Family photos on the lawn in front of their beautiful vacation rental in Las Catalinas, Playa Danta, Costa Rica.

Las Catalinas Family Photographer


Family Reunion Photos in Playa Langosta, Costa Rica

This family reunion was a blast. Parents, kids, grandkids...everyone got together for a big family vacation in Tamarindo and Langosta, Costa Rica. We got a killer sunset at the end, too, for silhouettes. SO FUN!

Best Tamarindo Local Photographer

Reflections in the tidepools in Playa Langosta, just south of Tamarindo Beach.

Best Tamarindo Area Photographer

One of my favorite Tamarindo family photos of the evening.

Best Tamarindo Local Photographer

I just love these rocks in Langosta. They are perfect for family photos in Costa Rica!

Best Tamarindo Area Photographer

Popping a bubble on the beach in Playa Langosta.

Best Tamarindo Photography Prices

Such a photogenic child.

Best Tamarindo Photographer Prices

This little girl is so loved by her parents.

Average Tamarindo Photography Prices

Kisses and family photos in Playa Langosta, Guanacaste Costa Rica.

Best Tamarindo Photography Rates

True love.

Best Tamarindo Photographer Rates

I love this picture with Langosta Beach in the background.

Best Tamarindo Photographer Prices

Cool baby eyes!

Best 2014 Tamarindo Photographer

We took this one in the shade outside of their condo in Playa Langosta.

Best 2014 Tamarindo Photographer

Cute smile!

Guanacaste School Play and Race for La Paz 

I'm combining this into one event because both of these happened over the same weekend. The kids in the Beachnuts theatre production are SO talented! As are the kids who got up at the crack of dawn to run in the La Paz fundraising race.

Family Photographer Flamingo Beach

So adorable!

Family Photo Session Flamingo Beach

The costumes at the Beachnuts Production were incredible!

Best Family Photographer Flamingo

The other Charlie hamming it up for the camera.

Best Family Photos in Flamingo Beach

Charlie the tech guy and toadstool-mover, behind the scenes.

Where to Get Family Photos: Flamingo

My favorite costume from the evening, hands down! Such a cutie pie.

Family Photos Flamingo Costa Rica

Crossing the starting line of the La Paz race in Flamingo, Costa Rica

Family Photographer Flamingo Beach

Crossing the finish line with a big smile.

Flamingo Photographer Costa Rica
Flamingo Family Photography Sessions

Love this kid's hat.

Family Photos in Flamingo Costa Rica

Getting warmed up - good music is essential for a good race.

First Communion Ceremony in Playa Brasilito Church

The beaches surrounding Tamarindo, Costa Rica also make surprisingly great places for ceremonies like first communions. This ceremony was held in a beautiful church in Playa Brasilito, just 25 minutes from Tamarindo.

Tamarindo First Communion Photos

Costa Rica first communion photo preparation in Reserva Conchal.

First Communion Photographer

Elegant hands holding the rosary and bible at the church in Playa Brasilito.

Tamarindo First Communion Church

Cute little girl preparing for her first communion in Costa Rica.

Tamarindo Church Ceremony Photos
Costa Rica First Communion Photos

Candles in the church in Brasilito.

First Communion Photographer
First Communion Church Photography

Praying before taking the first communion at the church in Playa Brasilito.

Costa Rica Church Photography

Lighting the candles.

Costa Rica Church Photos

I love her hair!

Tamarindo First Communion

Best friends taking a quick family photo in Reserva Conchal.

Tamarindo First Communion Photos

Showing off her beautiful first communion dress by a lamp post in Reserva Conchal.

Best Communion Church Photographer

I love taking photos of the details like the shoes, rosary and little bible.

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