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Check out this in-depth blog post about what to wear. Above all, wear something that makes you feel amazing. Then ask yourself if you're going to be comfortable in it.


Don't stress too much about the wardrobe – just try to coordinate everyone in the shot so that their outfits aren't obviously mismatched. Solid colors or simple patterns for everyone make it so no one person stands out among the rest.


While it's good to wear outfits that complement one another rather than those that clash, a bit of variety in terms of outfits can make for nice contrast and an interesting photo.


When possible try to avoid clothing with words or lettering, as it can be distracting.


what to wear to your tamarindo family photo session

Not sure where you want to do your photos? Click here to view photo samples of session locations I commonly use around Tamarindo and nearby beaches. Better yet, check out my blog posts on the best photo locations in Costa Rica. I'm working my way through all of them, but these are the biggies: Tamarindo, Langosta, Flamingo, Conchal and Danta.


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