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What a perfect day...The pics are to die for!

–Jess Blaize

Family Photos at Las Catalinas, Costa Rica

This fountain is one of my favorite spots at Las Catalinas for photos! Jennifer booked me early in December so she could use these family photos for her annual Christmas Cards. I just love this batch from Playa Danta! 

Las Catalinas Costa Rica Photographer-3818
Las Catalinas Costa Rica Photographer-3009
Las Catalinas Costa Rica Photographer-3091
Las Catalinas Costa Rica Photographer-2986
Las Catalinas Costa Rica Photographer-3466
Las Catalinas Costa Rica Photographer--3
Las Catalinas Costa Rica Photographer-
Las Catalinas Costa Rica Photographer-2999
Las Catalinas Costa Rica Photographer-3238
Las Catalinas Costa Rica Photographer-3318
Las Catalinas Costa Rica Photographer--2
Las Catalinas Costa Rica Photographer-3842

Family Photos at Playa Danta, Costa Rica

Jenna's family was staying at Las Catalinas, which opens up to a beautiful section of Playa Danta. Her kids were about to graduate from high school, so we also mixed in a few senior pictures for their yearbooks.

Senior pictures in Costa Rica
Sunset silhouette in Costa Rica
Ideas for things to do in Costa Rica
Ideas for things to do in Costa Rica
Best things to do in Costa Rica
Coolest things to do in Costa Rica
Unique family activities Costa Rica
Fun family activities Costa Rica
Fun, unique things to do Costa Rica

Las Catalinas is one of my favorite locations for family photos – to be honest, it's one of my favorite locations in all of Costa Rica. The beach is gorgeous, especially the islands and the distance and the way the sun sets right over the bay. This huge family reunion of 26 was a blast, and Grandma was the star of the show!

Family Reunion at Las Catalinas

Tamarindo Family Reunion Photos

I loved this big group silhouette!

Costa Rica Family Reunion Photos

Grandma was the star of this family reunion.

Best Family Reunion Photographer

Sweet moment between mother and daughter at Playa Danta.

Big group photographer Tamarindo

Group photos with grandma.

Group photographer Costa Rica

Family reunion photos at Playa Danta, just 30 minutes from Tamarindo Beach.

Family reunion photographer Tamarind

Las Catalinas, Costa Rica is a truly amazing place for family photos.

Planning a Tamarindo Family Reunion

Love this shot.

Tamarindo Event Photographer

Big group photo of 26 people having a family reunion at Las Catalinas, Costa Rica.

Want to see more Costa Rica Family photos?

My portfolio is too large for the internet to handle on one page, so I had to divide it into multiple pages. Click here to see more photography samples from my Costa Rica family photos portfolio. Please be patient, the page takes a minute to load!

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