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Lately, the Tamarindo estuary near Playa Grande has been a favorite spot for family photos, small weddings and elopements. There is plenty of beach there no matter what the tide is like, and the sunsets have been KILLER. I finally got the sihlouette shot I've been after at this private elopement with Amy and Ross.

Small Costa Rica Wedding at Tamarindo Estuary

Tamarindo Wedding Photographer

The engagement ring on a bouquet of flowers from Colette's Flower Shop in Tamarindo.

Tamarindo Wedding Photographer

Reflections in the receding tide.

Tamarindo Wedding Photographer

This is my favorite silhouette photo I've ever taken!

Tamarindo Wedding Photographer

Close of of the wedding flowers.

Tamarindo Wedding Photographer

Leaning against an old door at Villa Andalucia in Tamarindo, where the bride and groom were staying.

Tamarindo Wedding Photographer

An intimate shot on a hidden-away bridge near the Tamarindo estuary

Tamarindo Wedding Photographer

At the garden in Villa Andalucia

Tamarindo Wedding Photos-15.jpg
Tamarindo Wedding Photos-17.jpg

A post-wedding kiss in the reeds

Tamarindo Wedding Photos-11.jpg

First married hug.

Tamarindo Wedding Photographer

They do.

Tamarindo Wedding Photos-9.jpg

This couple was always holding hands! It was really sweet.

Tamarindo Wedding Photos-7.jpg

Picture near an oxcart at Villa Andalucia

Tamarindo Wedding Photographer

The gown hanging up in the gardens.

Tamarindo Wedding Photographer

More fun on the bridge

Tamarindo Wedding Photographer
Tamarindo Wedding Photos-6.jpg

Keeping it small and simple with a Tamarindo elopement

Tamarindo Wedding Photographer

Eloping in Tamarindo

Tamarindo photographer costa rica

Walking along the sand dunes.

Eloping in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

I helped Louise plan her perfect elopement in Playa Langosta, just south of Tamarindo, Costa Rica. It was perfect!

How to plan a Tamarindo Elopement

I helped Louise plan this beautiful elopement about two months before her Costa Rica wedding.

How to plan a Tamarindo Elopement

Such a beautiful bride!

How to plan a Tamarindo Elopement

I love photographing the bride getting ready just before the elopement ceremony.

How to plan a Tamarindo Elopement

Black and white photos are classics.

How to plan a Tamarindo Elopement

Close up of the wedding rings on the beach in Langosta, Costa Rica.

Planning a Tamarindo Elopement

Waves crashing against the shore at this Tamarindo beach elopement.

Planning a Tamarindo Elopement
Planning a Tamarindo Elopement 2015
Planning a Tamarindo Elopement 2016

Reflections at low tide in Langosta.

Planning a Costa Rica Elopement
Planning a Costa Rica Elopement

Gorgeous beach silhouette shots to end this perfect elopement.

Costa Rica Wedding Details

Having a destination wedding? I have a lot of contacts for details such as flowers, cakes, wedding favors, etc. I also have unique ideas and advice to help you plan the wedding of your dreams in Costa Rica!

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Elopement at the Villareal FIESTAS!!

I can't think of a much better place to experience true Costa Rican culture than at the fiestas in Villareal. Can you? This brave couple eloped to Costa Rica and we did their wedding photos at perhaps the most unique location in the history of time: in and around the bullring and carnival at Villareal. It was insane. Check out the photos below for a preview of what went on.

Ride 'em cowboys!

Ride 'em cowboys!

Experiencing true Costa Rican fiesta

Experiencing true Costa Rican culture at hte bullring.

Tamarindo family photographer

Walking up the stairs to the bleachers in her white wedding dress.

eloping in Tamarindo

Locos! Love it.

getting married in tamarindo


looking for photographer tamarindo

Having a blast at this most unique of wedding locations.

eloping in costa rica photographer

Then we hit the beach for some normal shots.

how to elope in costa rica

Tamarindo love.

getting married in tamarindo photos
best tamarindo wedding photographer


best tamarindo wedding photography
best tamarindo elopement photography
best tamarindo elopement photography

Bring it in for the smooch.

eloping to costa rica

There's nothing like a Tamarindo elopement.

best elopement photographer

One last picture at the request of the Tamarindo elopement photographer.

Elopement at Sugar Beach

This elopement at Sugar Beach couldn't have been more perfect! The moment we got hot the clouds parted and treated us to a little sunshower, which passed almost as quickly as it arrived. This small wedding at Sugar Beach – which is just a half hour to 40 minutes from Tamarindo – conisted of the bride, groom and their teenage daugther. 

Elopement at Sugar Beach

This was one of my favorite photos from this tiny intimate wedding!

Tying the knot at Sugar Beach

You couldn't ask for a more beautiful beach to get married on.

Eloping Sugar Beach Costa Rica

Getting married at Sugar Beach, Costa Rica.

Small intimate wedding Sugar Beach

Elopement and wedding photography Sugar Beach, Guanacaste Costa Rica.

Getting married in Costa Rica

Getting married on the beach in Costa Rica is an amazing experience. Make sure you book the best photographer for your small wedding or elopement in Tamarindo.

Sunset beach wedding Sugar Beach

Having fun in the surf after tying the knot.

Sugar Beach elopement, Costa Rica

This sunset beach wedding took place at Sugar Beach, Guanacaste Costa Rica – just a short drive from Tamarindo.

Senior Pictures Sugar Beach

Daughter enjoying this small wedding at Sugar Beach

Mother and daughter at elopement

Mother and daughter celebrate mom's elopement in this cute pose.

Sunset elopement photos

Silhouette flowers in the orange glow of Pan de Azucar (Sugar Beach)

Secluded beach near Tamarindo

Sunset elopement at Sugar Beach

photography elopements small wedding

Holding hands after tying the knot at Sugar Beach

Sugar beach elopement photographer

These little eggs were an adorable detail.

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