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Family Photos at Langosta Beach

These professional family photos were taken at sunset at Langosta Beach, also known as Playa Langosta. It was rainy sesason, but the clouds parted just long enough to get some really fantastic shots!

Langosta Beach Photographer-
Langosta Beach Photographer-9285
Langosta Beach Photographer-9295
Langosta Beach Photographer-9490
Langosta Beach Photographer-9321
Langosta Beach Photographer-9355
Langosta Beach Photographer-9641
Langosta Beach Photographer-9748
Langosta Beach Photographer-9864
Langosta Beach Photographer-9898

Playa Langosta (Tamarindo Preserve entrance)

These Costa Rica family portraits were taken at the beach at Punta San Francisco and within the Tamarindo Preserve. I love taking photos near this cliff right between Tamarindo and Langosta Beach!

Professional Photography in Costa Rica-4933
Professional Photography in Costa Rica-5108
Professional Photography in Costa Rica-5194
Professional Photography in Costa Rica-5493
Professional Photography in Costa Rica-5521
Professional Photography in Costa Rica-5624
Professional Photography in Costa Rica-5615
Professional Photography in Costa Rica-5604

Professional Family Photos at Cala Luna, Langosta Beach

Tina and her family were staying at Cala Luna, in Playa Langosta. We scheduled the shoot at low tide, when reflections in the water at the point were at their greatest. Even Tina's teenage kids had a good time, and at the end we played with sparklers.

Costa Rica Professional Photographer-5293
Costa Rica Professional Photographer-5176
Costa Rica Professional Photographer-5093
Costa Rica Professional Photographer-5067
Costa Rica Professional Photographer-5424
Professional Photographer Costa Rica-5248

Professional Family Photos at Crystal Sands, Langosta Beach

This family rented an incredible penthouse suite at Crystal Sands, overlooking Playa Langosta Costa Rica.

Langosta Beach Photographer Costa Rica-9743
Langosta Beach Photographer Costa Rica-9694
Langosta Beach Photographer Costa Rica-0208
Langosta Beach Photographer Costa Rica-0164
Langosta Beach Photographer Costa Rica-0068
Langosta Beach Photographer Costa Rica-9616
Langosta Beach Photographer Costa Rica-0231

Family Photos at Casa Cristal, Langosta Beach

I photographed this family reunion at the beach at Casa Cristal, on the street known as "Millionaire Row" in Langosta Beach. This entire area is GORGEOUS for professional family portraits or family reunions!

Costa Rica family photographer
Best Costa Rica Family Photographer
Best Costa Rica Family Photographer
Best Costa Rica Family Photographer
Costa Rica family photos in Langosta
Costa Rica family photos in Langosta

Want to see more Costa Rica Family photos?

My portfolio is too large for the internet to handle on one page, so I had to divide it into multiple pages. Click here to see more photography samples from my Costa Rica family photos portfolio. Please be patient, the page takes a minute to load!

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