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Don't bother looking for another photographer in Costa Rica. Genna is simply the best! 

— Jon Reinhardt

These pictures are breathtaking!

– The Kleinschmidt's

Thank you for such beautiful and amazing photos! We loved your energy, and professionalism :)

— Sarah Bassum

The photos we got were absolutely MAGNIFICENT

— Desiree Beauchamp




 – Ronda Woodcox


I'm a photographer,

an author and 

 a mother.


My method

As a child I remember having family photos taken at a professional studio. 


I was about 10 years old, and my parents had coerced me and my little brother and sister to wear matching outfits and to "behave ourselves." We stood armed with fake smiles in awkward, uncomfortable positions for what seemed like an eternity to a child.


As a reward for cooperating, we were promised that at the very end we could play with the studio's adorable 1-month old kitten. Only then did we start smilling for real. We laughed genuinely and smiled until our eyes sparkled, and the photographer snapped a photo.


That photo still hangs on my parents' living room wall to this day. It was the most genuine and sincere photo of the bunch – the one in which we were truly having a good time with a random kitten.


I realized then that family photography isn't about getting everyone to look 'picture perfect,' or posing like, a fake TV family. It's about being with the people that you love and capturing a feeling; it's about freezing moment in time.


Instead of taking stuffy formal photos, I prefer to capture families interacting organically at the beach or in some other pleasant, natural setting – preferably around sunset, when the weather is cooler and comfortable.


If your child doesn't like the camera or is uncomfortable with strangers, we spend the first part of the session playing games, showing them how the camera works and building trust. Kids love taking action shots (running, jumping, throwing a ball around) so this is also a great way to break the ice.


I absolutely love taking photos, and I believe that it shines through my work. This is my dream job. I climb trees, wade through tidepools and balance on precarious objects to get that perfect shot. If I'm completely covered in sand by the end of the shoot, I consider it a job well done!

Costa Rica Engagement Photographer-6480.


 – Donna Williamson

Why Costa Rica?

When you're at home living your day to day routine, professional family photos are easy to put off – for another day, another week, another month. You think to yourself, "we'll do it when life is less crazy/busy/hectic/etc." Before you know it, your kids are moving on to the next grade level and you never got around to it.


That's why taking your family photos while on vacation in Costa Rica is such a great idea! There is no putting it off, since you'll only be here for a short time. And when it comes to stunning backgrounds, you simply can't beat these unbelievably colorful beach sunsets.


Whether or not you live here or are just visiting, a photo session with a professional photographer in Costa Rica can help you remember your time here in a way that no trinket or souvenir could possibly replicate.


I have many years of experience photographing everything from casual family beach portraits to weddings, surprise proposals, engagement photos, senior pictures, maternity photos, family reunions and more.

Throughout my site, I try to give you a good feel of my work. I post not just 1 or 2 pictures from each shoot – but many photos from each shoot! I do this because I want you to see that you won't get just a few spectacular pictures. You'll get lots of them! I normally turn in anywhere from 75-150 high resolution, retouched images per hour. From there you can print as much as you like, wherever you'd like and you are also free to share them online via email, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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