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  • Genna Marie Davis

Jelena & Adam's Costa Rica Destination Wedding pretty much NEVER rains in December. But this year, with El Niño, it's been crazy weather. It had been threatening but not raining for days leading up to Jelena and Adam's wedding, and then on the day of, it was just a torrential DOWNPOUR ALL DAY!

We pushed the wedding back one hour and luckily the rain stopped JUST long enough for us to do the ceremony in the beautiful backyard of the house where they were staying: Villa Tranquila in Hacienda Pinilla, Costa Rica. We also had a few minutes of color in the sky to get some pretty dramatic sunset photos at the beach!

Both the bride and groom are both doctors, and all of their friends are in residency, so it was really good luck that everyone could get time off to come down together. They were a truly fun group and I really had a blast taking their pictures!

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