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  • Genna Marie Davis

Best Photo Locations in Costa Rica: Spotlight on Tamarindo

Tamarindo is unquestionably one of the most beautiful, versatile photo locations in all of Costa Rica. This should give you a good idea of the types of backdrops you can expect to find here.

Option #1: Tamarindo Estuary

The northern end of Tamarindo is one of my favorite places to take photos. It's great even at high tide. There are lots of very different-looking locations all within very close proximity to one another. Think ocean backdrops, green reeds, boats in the estuary, rocks, old mango trees and a rustic bridge. I recommend eating at Pangas restaurant afterwards – you’re already all dressed up, so why not?

More photos from the Tamarindo estuary...

Option #2: Tamarindo Beach (South)

The opposite end of Tamarindo is also awesome for photos. Sometimes the reflections in the sand here are nothing short of stunning. There is even a path to the top of a cliff with an amazing view of Tamarindo’s little island as well as some rocky tidepools.

More photos from Tamarindo's south end...

Option #3: Tamarindo Gardens

There are many garden areas in Tamarindo. Most hotels and condos feature at least a few lush areas with colorful flowers or greenery. Go for a walk and see what you can find! Sometimes it’s nice to start taking pictures at a tropical garden/ forested area and then move on to the beach for sunset.

If you have your own ideas for family photo locations in Tamarindo that I don't know about, I'm all ears! I'm always looking for new locations so please feel free to share.

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